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Paul in class.
Paul and Gemma Wardle, on set.

Paul David-Gough

Paul David-Gough is rapidly establishing himself as one of the UK's premier Acting Coaches, renowned for his role in uncovering and nurturing some of the country's most promising emerging talents.

Initially trained as an actor, Paul's curiosity led him into directing, and by the age of 22, he co-headed a theatre company in Cardiff.

While his heart remains in acting, Paul's penchant for solving challenges faced by actors, has propelled him to straddle various facets of the rehearsal room.


His childhood habit of dissecting things has shaped his highly technical approach to both acting and directing, enabling him to pinpoint and address actors' nuanced issues.

Paul's multifaceted journey, spanning acting, directing, writing, and producing, provides him with a panoramic understanding of the industry. This panoramic vision, in turn, bestows his students with a competitive edge.

Paul's objective is crystal clear: to ensure his students and actors consistently rank among the top 5% at auditions, setting the bar exceptionally high and perpetuating elevated standards.


Recognising the industry's technical nature, he emphasizes the significance of comprehending each professional's role within the industry, fostering collaboration for success.

Dispensing advice comes naturally to Paul. His penchant for conversation led to the inclusion of midweek Zoom sessions during term time, allowing practical classes to remain hands-on while creating space for discussions.

As for the secret formula for success, Paul doesn't hesitate: 

"it demands a robust self-awareness, encompassing appearance, demeanor, and identity. Alongside this foundation, a blend of inherent talent, relentless determination, a commitment to mastering the craft, and marketing acumen is essential".

While acknowledging the industry's competitiveness, he believes that rapid progression is plausible for those dedicated to continuous improvement. Paul likens the journey to success in acting to that of professional footballers: "the groundwork precedes the limelight and demands dedicated effort, even if it becomes all-consuming".

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