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Meet the Team

Introducing the talented team behind Totally Lit, a creative powerhouse with a wealth of experience in the UK film, TV, and theatre industries.


These talented individuals, along with the rest of the dedicated team at Totally Lit, combine their collective experience to create exceptional film, TV, actors who bring new vibrancy and energy to the UK and International Film and TV industries.

Gemma Wardle
Gemma Wardle- Associate Director

Gemma is a seasoned professional in the television and theatre industries.

Gemma brings extensive industry knowledge to Totally Lit, having worked with renowned theatre companies, directors, and actors. She ensures that every presentation undertaken by Totally Lit showcases exceptional talent.

Paul David-Gough
Paul David-Gough - Founder and Head Coach


Paul is the visionary behind Totally Lit. With a passion for storytelling and a deep understanding of the entertainment industry, Paul has spent over 35 years working in various creative roles. His expertise spans across film, television, and theatre, and he brings a unique perspective to every project undertaken by Totally Lit.

Alexander Dunn
Alexander Dunn - Head of Production and Director of Photography:

With a solid background in film production, Alexander  has worked on numerous successful film projects with Totally Lit,


Alex oversees the film production department at Totally Lit, ensuring that every project runs smoothly from inception to completion.

More About Alexander
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