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Keeping the Bar High!

It's not unusual for anyone wanting to become a film or tv actor to hope that they are going to 'stumble' across a training that will guarantee success for them, in the shortest possible time and with the most affordable price.

There are 'no' guarantees in this industry, however, affordable and effective training is available. You just need to work out what it is that you're trying to achieve.

In my opinion (I've been doing it for 35 years, so I feel justified to write this), you need a training that is thorough, relevant and, quite importantly, current!

When you work on a film, or TV show set, the majority of the people involved 'technically' in the production, have letters after their names. They're usually scientist, or have studied the science of lighting, sound, camera-cinematography... In each of their respective trades, they can't afford not to know their jobs, because film-making or tv show production are very technical pieces of work. The bar is set quite high and therefore, the expectation is that the actors will also be of a high standard. Acting for screen is extremely technical.

Your training needs to prepare you for various aspects of the industry. You need to know how to do all of the things you're expected to be able to do (and do them to an exceptionally high standard) and you're also expected to have an understanding of the other aspects of the industry, that affect you, that are not anything to do with acting.

It's a multi-billion dollar industry and the people that you need to influence have nothing to offer you. They are not 'selling' anything. The are, however, 'buying' and so, whether it be an agent, director, casting director or a producer that you are trying to impress, you need to know how they think- after all, they are your potential clients.

So when you go hunting for the training that will bring you the success that you so desire, do make sure that it's been explained to you, just how they are going to take you from where you are now, to where you are aiming to go. And when those periods arise, whereby you feel everything has just stopped- the juggernaut has come to a standstill and you can't get it going on your own, are they there to help you?

Affordable training and they are going to look after me, guide me, help me to become competitive...really? How about if they did all of that and offered to represent you too? Or at least until a time when you can move forward to a bigger and better agent?

This is all achievable. Ask yourself if you want to chance it, or be in the right place, doing it properly.

We've been doing it properly since 2013.

Paul David-Gough (November 2022)

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