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Your Business in This Industry

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Your ability to be able to deliver on ‘set’ is not negotiable as a screen actor-and neither is your ability to be able to prepare for the role, or demonstrate that ability, or your potential for performing that role in a casting. ... But your knowledge of the industry and what you/ your business has to offer to your customers, is a crucial part of becoming successful.

Maybe you don't think of yourself as a business?

Maybe you don't think of a casting director, a director, or the agent that you really want as being your customers…. …but you should.

Your really should

Therefore, if you’re looking for work in this industry, think about what you're offering to these people and the fact that somebody may be doing a better job of it than you are.

You're only job then is to be better.

Be better at being a viable option.

Present yourself better.

Have better examples of your work, your profile, your photos…

…and if you don’t have that- don't complain, do something about it!

Or, talk to someone who can help you do something about it! At Totally Lit we’ve had 10 very successful years of bringing people into the industry, as well as helping many actors who have felt like their careers have stalled, move forward. At Totally Lit our actors are more successful because their understanding of the industry is based on accurate up-to-date knowledge, passed on by leading artist, practitioners and professionals working successfully in the industry-right now! Call or email us to have a chat about how we can help you realise your full potential within this industry.

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